16th April 2019

Portal (Gateway) Services Restored

Our Data Centre provider has emailed us the following response regarding the interruption to services experienced earlier today.

We wish to advise of a network issue that impacted on some of our Adelaide data services today. The issue impacted on connectivity that goes through one of the local South Australian peering points. While the issue is still being fully investigated it appears that one of our routers stopped passing packets. Further investigation is being undertaken to determine if it is the result of a software bug, or hardware failure.

The router that caused the issue has been removed from the network to allow us to investigate the issue. Until we can feel confident about the cause and fix we will not be returning this device to service.

Incident start time: 11/4/2019 11:45am

Incident end time: 11/4/2019 11:53am

We have requested and will be meeting with our Data Centre provider this week to discuss the recent outages and how best we can mitigate against further outages ourselves.

No further updates to come.